South Florida Multifamily Market Remains Strong

Multifamily ask and sale prices continue their upward trend while inventories remain low.

Current Fort Lauderdale market trends data indicates a decrease of -0.6% in the median asking price per unit for Multifamily properties compared to the prior 3 months, with an increase of +15.7% compared to last year’s prices. County-wide, asking prices for Multifamily properties are 2.8% higher at $114,665 per unit compared to the current median price of $132,183 per unit for Multifamily properties in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Miami Fort Lauderdale Multi-Family Market Remains Hot

Multi-family Asking Prices in Fort Lauderdale

Current Fort Lauderdale data indicates an increase of 6.7% in the median asking price per unit for multi-family properties compared to the prior 3 months, with an increase of 19.9% compared to last year’s multi-family prices.

Metro Area Multi-family Sales Prices

Sales price data indicates a 15.2% increase year over year in multi-family sales prices in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale metro area.

Fort Lauderdale Multifamily Continues Upward Trend

Multifamily Sales Price Trend (per unit)

The Miami/Fort Lauderdale Metro multifamily market continues its upward trend with per unit sale prices up 14.9% year over year. This trend is relatively modest compared with previous years. This time 3 years ago properties were trading for about $45,000 per unit. Now the median sales price per unit is over $81,000.

Multifamily Asking Price Trend (per unit)

Current Fort Lauderdale multifamily asking prices are up 13.6% over last year which is currently outperforming the metro area which is up 10.7%. The Fort Lauderdale multifamily trend is also up more than Broward County and the state of Florida which are trending at 12.5% and 12.2% respectively. After peaking in mid 2013 asking prices are again rebounding in Fort Lauderdale with median ask price at $121,793 per unit.